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Welcome to the home of Fleet Air Arm Simulation

Welcome to Fleet Air Arm Simulation, part of the MODSim organisation for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Simulating the operations of the Fleet Air Arm, we aim to provide realism and fun within the confines of Flight

The combination of high speed and Rotary Wing aircraft operating from ships means that, through the Royal Navy, the UK can influence areas of the globe over land and sea where we otherwise would have no presence. Fleet Air Arm Simulation is a vital element for many of the wide and varied roles undertaken by the Royal Navy, these range from humanitarian operations, or search and rescue around the coast of the UK, through to securing the seas, fighting terrorism and landing troops onto hostile shores. Fleet Air Arm Simulation delivers air power where it is needed without a reliance on land based support.

Fleet Air Arm Simulation has a choice of squadrons and aircraft to suit all interests and experience levels. Our Central Flying School is recognised as providing the best virtual military training on the internet whatever your previous experience, none is required.

We only use FSX with Acceleration as this gives us the ability to carry out underslung load and winch training on our unique, modified versions of FAASim helicopters.

Latest News - Operation Artesian Commencing 21/03/2019

There are no events to display at this time

Recruiting Now...

We are currently recruiting for the following squadrons:

RAF Royal Air Force

No. VIII Squadron 8 Squadron (E-3 Sentry)

No. XI(F) Squadron XI(F) Squadron (Eurofighter Typhoon)

No. 18 Squadron 18 Squadron (Chinook)

No. 70 Squadron 70 Squadron (Globemaster/Hercules/Airbus A400-M)

No. 101 Squadron 101 Squadron (Voyager)

No. 120 Squadron 120 Squadron (P8-A Poseidon)

No. 617 Squadron 617 Squadron (Tornado GR4)

AAC Army Air

No. 656 Squadron AAC 656 Squadron (Apache AH1)

No. 659 Squadron AAC 659 Squadron (Lynx AH7/9)

FAA Fleet Air

No. 801 Naval Air Squadron 801 Squadron (F-35B)

No. 845 Naval Air Squadron 845 Squadron (Sea King HC4/Merlin HM1)


VFA-105 Squadron VFA-105 Squadron (F/A-18E)